Web Mail Security
Keyboard  Security
Malicious code protection
Anti-screen capture
Manual Installation
※ 20 Seconds after the initial page automatically  Transfer To . [ Go ]
Web Mail Security Programs (JX-Mail Program)
User PC Between servers in  Security Communication interval Setting Is a program that .
Keyboard  Security Programs (nProtect KeyCrypt V4)
Entered via the keyboard User Password ,  Security Cards Password Of clients, including Important Mails Information hacked
The program is not safe .
Malware protection program (nProtect Netizen 4.0)
Hacking and viruses Search After installing the program to heal and to give access to this site if you email is automatically executed .
Screen capture prevention program (Fasoo Secure WEB)
Browser on  Security Runoff and capture the required content protection can effectively prevent Web DRM Solution . After installing the mail to the site will automatically run if .